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Dear Down Under or Way Upper (depends on perspective) animals and humans.
We have received a Green card 😉 to post here almost a week ago but we don’t like to rush things…
As Adam‘s Dream Team we have build this campaign from scratch just with love,dedication and integrity and it has only been a huge success. It is a real grass roots movement that we are turning now in non-profit organisation (we do profit from it a lot in terms of Stream of Love) and that is now a long term project as it was always intended.
So please take 5 minutes of your time to see our creation and send us love from far away and lets boost this awesome story even more to reach our goal in next 48 hours and then we can focus on stretch goals…
Ask any questions through links on campaign and our NEW pitch video…
P.S. please choose subtitles in English or Croatian to see the text… more videos, more stories , more subtitles to come… THANK YOU

Dear sisters and brothers down under and above!

290294_152756088196280_618545120_oMy dear animals and humans of Australia and Oceania!

Let me share a little secret of PURE LOVE ❤

Please have a look first how far away in terms of distance we are:    16,017 km from Zagreb, Croatia to Sydney, Australia

Seems like a lot, but if we connect with our HEARTS we are then really closely together.



Adam-Totoro, my dog soul brother lives in Croatia at this moment.

He is the Angel of Light that has brought so much energy of love through his entourage and network of animals and humans since the beginning of the year.

His human and guardian Jana is taking care of his needs and she is one of the hearts of this campaign…



Then there is Bilbo and his lovely guardian Bernarda.

Bilbo is Golden Angel and merry-go-round doggy, who is Adam’s  favorite playmate and like a little brother.

Dear Bernarda is another crucial benefactor who’s Heart and Soul is the solid base of our Dream team.


Then there is Vedran and Muppet, always on the move and currently enjoying Dublin and Ireland for the first time together.

The beginning of this year has been incredibly rewarding already and we strongly believe it has everything to do with the Campaign for Adam and other beings in the Animal kingdom.

Since we started it on 3rd of January 2015 on IndieGogo, this  campaign has gifted us already with so many beautiful experiences, and brought wonderful humans and animals into our lives and into our Eternal Network of Love.

Feel the energy expanding beyond the limits of space and take time to go to the SOURCE and back…


You know that NOW is the time, so please LINK yourself to us below and above ❤


Yours dogfully,

Adam’s Dream Team